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I'm currently working for Zerna, Köpper & Partner a company which makes heavy use of Lotus Notes based databases and applications for project managing. It is part of my job to further develop existing and create new applications. This includes programming with LotusScript, a VisualBasic-like programming language.
The code I present on this website has either been developed for me for use in those applications I mentioned above or just to experiment and thus to enhance my experience with LotusScript.

Feel free to use the code whereever it may be of use!



This implements a table, that is a 2-dimensional field. A TableJar object is dynamic in size. You can just put values into the "cells" of the table by giving the row and column where it is to be inserted. If the current table is to small for the given row or column it will be automatically resized. This is a list of features a TableJar provides:

  • automatic and dynamic resize
  • provides methods to remove and insert individual rows in the table
  • provides a method to sort the rows of the table using a choosable column as a sort key and a fast heap-sort algorithm
  • uses the Variant data type for maximum compatibility
  • saves memory by different array sizes for different columns; a TableJar does not use a rectangular 2-dimensional array but a 1-dimensional array for the rows. Each row again contains basically a 1-dimensional array to store the column values. This is more memory efficient if the column count of the rows is not homogenous but is still efficient for the methods a TableJar provides

Click here for details on a TableJar


To discuss the code / snippets / data types / algorithms / datastructures / whatever I opened up a Lotus Script forum on my discussion board. Feel free to write there. A registration is not required!

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